No Code Pages just launched today. 🚀

Divya Kant Singh
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Hey makers community this is Divya, a digital product designer based in India. I have been building my product publicly in the makers community for a week and it finally launched today. Please do have a look and give us some feedbacks to improve it even further here → I wanted to create something valuable, real and which well is a complete product and not just UI screens to do justice with the professional title I am using. Pulled a 100 hour sprint - documented the scope, planned it out, wrote some Javascript, learned electron briefly, designed the front and back, wrote the UX, monetized it, started selling it in BETA itself, iterated in real-time. And its finally done for an official launch tomorrow on Product Hunt. No Code Pages helps you create a personal or business website without writing a single line of code or designing. It leverages Notion and puts it on steroids. You can add your custom domain and integrations to chat and sell right through your Notion docs. AND a library of 7+ layouts for designers, jobseekers, freelancers, artists, thought leaders, podcaster to have website without coding and for just $30.
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