Launched my product which is being underestimed. How can one get more feedback here?

Alice Styles
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I really wonder that as well. I'm new and I think my product is not getting the feedback it deserves. I just launched our product on Producthunt about 2 weeks ago and I think It really is being underestimated. We all use Instagram and most of the Product users are marketers. So marketers and business owners, this one best suits you. >>We provide:>> - the best Instagram legal services to send automated DMs to new and existing followers or each new follower you get. - Instagram DM online to have your direct messages from any device and browser, just like an Instagram messenger and to be able to chat, send and receive DMs from any browser and any device including PC and Mac. -a new feature in which you can filter the users and posts you are looking for, by their hashtags, locations, number of like, comments and followers. - and many more. You won't regret taking a look at our product.😁👍🏻
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