Why on earth Product Hunt doesn't have an online chat? 🤔

Rick Somar
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lee preimesberger
no damn idea - that's easy enough to add lol
Matthew Johnson
I'd love a PH Slack community
Yann Bigor
That’s what I thought, it’s a must here
We did have chat for some time but removed it due to spammer abuse. How do you think discussions could better facilitate chatting?
Rick Somar
@abadesi I figured it was something like this, sadly spammer's are in whole internet :( I think groupes would be a good fit. Some Facebook groups have managers and submanagers that can handle with spammers. In that way it wouldn't be like a 'discord' chat, but in another hand it will have some interact with the community. Think about groups with afinitys like: 'blockchain', 'marketing', 'developers' etc. Probably ppl would help each other in tha groups, and it might increase the time user on PH.
Rick Somar
@abadesi Also, as soon as i saw the "Join Them" button i thought this were a group or something like that: p
@henrique_chappuis_ramos what would you want to do in a group?
Rick Somar
@abadesi well, connect with people and get faster interaction. Don't know, just thought that PH can make people communicate in somehow (we're doing it now, but theres lot of ways to make it more interactive)