How much does finder a hunter to launch matters in the success?

Divya Kant Singh
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I have been consistently trying to get in touch with a few hunters but most of them are understandably unavailable. My plan was to launch my product next week but haven't been able to find a hunter yet. So I decided to launch it myself to meet my deadline. How can my launch be affected by this decision, I understand that I don't have numbers on my side.


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It doesn't matter so much. Of course when you will not get the notification that is send to all followers of the hunter, but with so many notification most of time there will be no difference. My recommendation is to launch as soon as possible and to build on top of the launch with blog post in Medium and other such sites.
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@kokiweb Would you recommend building in public or some type of a pre-launch promotion strategy on social network? I don'y want to make it look like a spam but I need to send words about what I just built.
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@divyakant360 Yes you could try to start voting challenge on social networks base on your designs - So people have to choose one of two. Add that they could use one of these designs in your product.
The hunter profile has become less of a factor in getting traction on PH lately. I've been involved in a couple of PH launches and I would suggest the following: - Create a ship page and try to get people to pre-register - Meanwhile, build some presence on channels where your TG hangs out - Slack/Discord/Telegram groups etc - On launch day try and drive everyone towards your PH page Disclaimer: This is fairly generic advice, there's no one-size-fits-all solution to it really. The goal is to get enough people to upvote on the day it's hunted. Just needs a bit of planning and effort.
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@karticrakhra Thank you, I got it. Few of the things you suggested are already done, few of the things are in process and will be done in a day or two.
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@divyakant360 I think the product and tagline and the space that you're in matter more than the hunter but it's still great to have a supportive hunter onboard who will potentially notify his/her network of your upcoming page as well as promote you on the day of the launch. I wish you much success on your launch.
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@robert_zalaudek Thanks a lot!