Just added my first ever product to Ship. This will help a lot of people! 🥳

Divya Kant Singh
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Hey makers, this is a 20 y/o designer who'll be dropping his first-ever product on Product Hunt next week. Spent the last two weeks making No Code Pages which puts Notion on steroids. I saw that due to the current crisis a lot of small and individual business owners are getting impacted. Localized stores are having a difficult time. Graduating students need to prepare for a competition for employment like never before. To help all of these people globalized by getting online I just decided to make getting online easier. No Code Pages helps people create their websites themselves without coding. It runs on Notion and helps you add witchcraft to it and make an entire website with custom domains, analytics, live chat support, fonts, and a gallery of multipurpose web layouts for people to a rocket launch in a day. Just added that as one of my upcoming products using ship, please subscribe and give me a feedback, I don't have a popular hunter to boost this :) → https://www.producthunt.com/upco...


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