What are the top 3 things you need to do for a successful launch on Product Hunt?

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Thinking about launching a site I made on Product Hunt. Mostly for exposure and feedback. I've heard there are better times or days to launch, or that you should get a top hunter to launch. Do these things matter? Any insights would be helpful. Thanks!


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I am new to Product Hunt and have only launched two products, so take my response with a grain of salt. I think the time of day matters, for example, if you launch as soon as the new day starts, you'll be grouped with the rest of the new products. If you wait until noon or so, there will be a ton of products with hundreds of upvotes on the main page - making it more difficult to get noticed. Have you added your site to 'Ship'? You can try to gain a little feedback throughout your development, plus create a little buzz leading up to your actual launch day.
@pete_collison Thanks! so you mean launching something at midnight tonight if I'm looking for engagement tomorrow for example? It's live already, it's also really silly and simple. Just thought maybe I could share it on here to get exposure.
Software developer in Des Moines, IA.
@stefanie_mclaren that’s correct. I was in the same boat, one of our sites was already live before we launched on here. Do you have your “headline” picked out for your launch?