Most of us apps, but it feels good to get back into design work. Would love feedback!

Charles Forster
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I feel like this is some of my best work, and I'd love some feedback. For context, my side project here is apparel and art for automotive enthusiasts, and I'm working on an application that I'm hoping to launch soon.


David Barneda
Hi Charles - The shop looks nice, clean. Suggestions: Look at the titles of the Prints / T-shirts. Remove duplicates (The tributes all look basically the same. And usually stars can hang on their own - I would suggest Star Name with icon/image/racing number/favorite car . . . rather than a list of names- imagine a list of superheros vs. each superhero on their own page) Unless you expect only a male audience, also show women wearing your t-shirts. Maybe explore a collaboration with some of the artists at to expand the product line.
Charles Forster
@barneda Awesome, that's great feedback, thanks! Collabs are definitely something I'm aiming for soon. At some point soon, I'm going to de-prioritize the tribute collection as it hasn't really moved (except for the F1 version) and start prioritizing the better products. I like your idea of focusing on each driver rather than the list. I'll sketch some ideas there...