Hi everyone! Love your feedback on Pulse

Garrett Mehrguth
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I have been growing our agency, Directive, for almost six years now. We started with me selling $5 social media calendars on Fiverr and now we get to partner with amazing brands and employee around 60 people full time. But... I always wanted to do a product. I am not technical, but I have been doing Codeacademy at night trying to get better at managing our two person development team in house. Today, we launched Pulse, it's on the homepage now. It's benchmarking tool that allows you to research and analyze the amount someone spends on advertising, their traffic, etc. in over 800 verticals. The goal is to give the search marketing community a free resource so that they are empowered to make better goals and strategies that are based on competitive realities. What I wanted to see is if any of you all had any feedback on things that I am missing on how it's positioned, developed, or used that could make it more valuable to our two audiences: in-house marketers and agencies/consultants. Looking forward to your insights!


Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Hi! Can you share this in the dedicated discussion that's pinned to the top of the discussions page? "Share your product..."