Do you use ad-blockers when browsing online?

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Lots of us makers invest in ads to drive traffic to our products so I was wondering how many of us actually watch ads ourselves. ๐Ÿ‘€ After you vote, tell us your rationale in the comments. Recommend your fave blockers, too if you use them.


Rahul Jedge
Yeah, I use ghostery a chrome extension which blocks ads a great product. Actually I don't hate ads, sometimes personalised ads are very useful, they just recommend you what you're looking for, but other websites just flood you with ads and it's really annoying because it's really hard to identify/focus on the original content, sometimes it's even freezes the page and I just hate that. So basically yeah, they force me to do so. It would be better if ad blockers let you decide on which websites you want to block ads by adding a filter or so.
@rahuljedge Pretty sure on Ublock you can select how much you want to block from each site! But yes time consuming... maybe even tedious.
Tyler Lastovich
I block all the things, always. Ublock Origin+Ghostery+NextDNS. Ads are great in theory, but seriously flawed in execution. Generic display ads push sites to optimize for all the wrong things (click bait, dark pattern UIs, pop ups). With ad-based monetization becoming harder to keep consistent, makers in 2019 should also be looking at other revenue streams, such as subscriptions or direct sponsorship.
@tylerlastovich I hear you. I would not mind watching ads if they felt relevant. But they aren't always. Rarely tbh...
Tyler Lastovich
@abadesi You should ask if people skip podcast ads next; would be interesting to know! ๐Ÿค“I keep wondering when ad-block for podcasts will hit the mainstream. (it is already available open-source)
I don't block ads, it feels a bit like stealing, cos the ads keep products running. If there are too many ads completely ruining the experience, then the site is probably not worth visiting
@graeme_fulton I don't use ad blockers anymore for that reason. I used them devoutly for years but funnily enough since I quit a few months ago I can't say browsing feels any worse.
@abadesi yeah that's it, also, I think good products usually think a lot about how the ads relate to their audience.. e.g. ads in the PH homepage are products that already resonated with the audience
Rhona Aylward
I block ads on certain websites. I do it because a) I get fed up of seeing adverts for products that I've already bought and b) because some ads end up taking over the whole screen rendering the site unusable.
Alex Loukissas
I've used brave since almost it launched. I opt in to their native ads, some of which I actually click.
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Abhishek Jha
I use pop-up blocker but not ad-blocker.
Jessica Gottlieb
I use ad blockers when web surfing but turn them off for sites that I have an affinity for... which is basically everywhere I go on purpose.
Loic K
I tend to not block ads just to support a publisher but I rarely pay attention to them ( I developed a banner blindness) unless it's a relevant retargeting ad. the only place where I block them viciously is on YouTube because those are really annoying. I also work in digital marketing so I guess I have to be tolerant to some level.
Christopher Hall
I use a pi hole server running unbound. For on the go I vpn into my home network. I pay for YouTube premium.
Khyati Rathod
yes, I can use Ad-blockers extension in Chrome browser that was very helpful to me...!!!
Utkarsh Talwar
I use uBlock Origin on my Firefox. I also use the Brave browser which has an inbuilt adblocker. I allow ads on some websites if I trust/like them, e.g. some websites where I get free stuff like comics/mangas. I hate ads that open popup windows and unfortunately there are a lof of those these days, so browsing the internet without an adblocker is quite excruciating.
Ya since i'm in highschool I have to use ad blocker anyway. :) I think that some ads are ritard and gross. And I don't want to get any viruses anyway.
Vamshi Vangapally
I guess ads are fine, but unwanted ads are not! I happily watch youtube ads without skipping if they are good and interesting - also never complain about spotify ads as I am getting free music. But I am just scared of those unwanted popups that could install malware - so, use an adblocker.
Abey Koshy Itty
I love seeing ads! Being a marketer it's vital to know what others are upto and how they're advertising their products.
Alvin Milton
As a developer, I'm not interested in cookies, trackers, pixels, ad creatives, etc. I only look at them when I have to work on a specific feature related to advertising display. However, if its a product I'm interested in and I happen to see an ad, I'll click through to at least see how they are approaching selling that thing to me.
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