Need feedback on landing page copy

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Hi Guys, I'll appreciate feedback on my landing page, which I will soon use for the product hunt launch. Ofcourse, any kind of feedback is welcome!


Salil Sethi
Here are my quick thoughts. Will categorize them in two categories: 1. Aesthetics: Beautiful landing page. I really don't have any advice to make it look better. Looks well baked for PH launch 2. Product: I do get you are curating a list of some sorts of places with a view. It might be amazing to check out the full details of a place or two. Will there be images, price point on location, exclusivity, etc. Also, to be perfectly honest, I think there needs to be a stronger hook to have me sign up for a service. Will you provide me with exclusive booking/access. Finally, what is the coverage. It might be helpful to pick a location and just attract people from that location, vs global launch. Might just be helpful to build momentum. It is a tough time for travel and hospitality startups, and this looks in that space. Stay persistent and hopefully as things become normal there is pent-up demand for a service like "with a view"
Thank you so much for your honest and detailed feedback @salil_sethi Glad to hear that you liked the aesthetics of the landing page :) All of your points are valid about the product and the market. This is going to be a Chrome extension, which will display a new random location on every new tab. Every image includes exact location, flight price and travel visa requirement. One can start adding places to a personal travel list for future travels.
Matt Harbord
You hooked me in Rahul! I think now it's a great time to be staring at amazing views and wishfully thinking about the future! I look forward to seeing the product
Elena Fedina
Really love the landing page style and feel, great job! Some thoughts I had: - I don't know who your target audience is, but if it was my call, I would change the photo with a woman in a bathing suit. It is advertising a hotel with a view but feels like the woman is the view, not the nature behind her. Not everyone would find this appealing :) - Is your copy supposed to be more informal or are you trying to be neutral with your language? Using words like 'wanna' on such polished site is a big contrast unless that's the dissonance you are trying to create. I didn't notice any other similar language on the page, so it might be safer to change to something more neutral (or get rid altogether - the sentence still works!) - Also agree with Salil's point that there needs to be a more clear message of what is the value for me if I sign up. Do I get a curated list of places? Do I get a discount for using your service? What problem are you trying to solve for me as a customer? And most importantly - is it free? :) Good luck, I think this is the perfect time to get something new like this started, so that you are ready when the travel is mainstream again!
@elena_fedina Thanks for your detailed feedback. Will try to work on it. Looking forward to have your support at PH launch :)
Dear @elena_fedina I have changed the picture with lady in a bathing suit. Thank you so much for making this point. I will also remove the word "wanna" as suggested by you. Please check it ( and let me know your opinion now.