Feedback time ?

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Are you interested in another round of feedback for your product ? 1- Tell me what problem you'r trying to solve 2- What are you building 3- What is your big concern Let's do it again, submit your product for feedback.


Walid Shaar
Market Researcher & Application Tester
@aboubakr_mekhatria Thank you for this awesome thread! We launched our solution Ring n Bring. It is a Smart Service Bell for internal ordering in Large Homes and Households. It consists of a Ring n Bring device (a tablet) + a free App to install. We will generally be targeting the MENA region (Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi...) Please visit and check the video to fully understand it :) All your feedback is greatly appreciated, and will be looking forward to hearing from you on: Innovation, Product/Market acceptance, Website review, Product review, Anything misunderstood, unnecessary features, and features you were hoping to find. Thank you!!