How to get more and more people reviewing our plugin?

John Bauer
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Hey, ❶ We have launched our plugin WP Paint - Advanced WordPress Image Editor here on Product Hunt a few weeks ago. It's a stable plugin, you're not going to face any problems while editing your pictures on WordPress anymore. Lightweight and quick to edit your photos. It comes with a similar interface like other PC/Mac software. With a simple interface, that you will find it very easy to use. ❷ Here are some of the features & tools: Crop, Resize, Rotate, Flip Color Picker, Color Fill, Shapes, Texts, Blur, Gradient, Sharpen, Bulge / Pinch, Layers, Selection Tools Lines, Arrows, Drag and Drop Extra Images and more. ❸ The question is: How to get more and more people reviewing our plugin? We want to reach more and more people to share our plugin with them and get feedback. I look forward to your support :) Check the Product Page: Thank You


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There's a dedicated thread pinned to the top of Discussions page where you can share it, I recommend going there.