Do you really have enough knowledge on financial concepts for sustainable growth?

ozhan atali
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Hi everyone, Product management, soft. development and sales are the priorities for all of us. But we are working days and nights for sustainable profit and higher valuation of our intangible assets. As an ex big4 auditor, CPA and financial analyst I really would like to help you on any finance & accounting concepts. Sometimes it might be a headache. Select the option you face problems with and share it with us. We will try to solve it together 💪


Alvin Hung
We struggled with finding a flexible and reliable solution for doing revenue recognition for us. This gets complicated when upgrades, downgrades, refunds, chargeback, renewals, dunning, etc get into the mix of things.
ozhan atali
@alvinhung you are absolutely right Alvin and I dont know much about your business but maybe making changes valid from the next renewal date of your subscribers (at least for the montly ones) would ease the process if possible. by the way you wont need to make any daily accrued/deferred income calculations.