Have you changed career?

Cinzia Pompa
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If you have, comment what the change was and why you did it. I'm in a bit of a crisis as I may not be exercising creativity enough in my current job. I'd like to read some other people's experiences.


Yes I went from working in finance to tech in 2011. If I am blunt there's no one single right path for anyone when it comes to careers. What we enjoy in work changes over time because we change over time. What has been helpful to me is to think very carefully about what I enjoy at work and then actually visualize my ideal working day from the tasks I do to the environment I'm in. Based on that I seek work that aligns with it. Since I started using that strategy I've been a lot more fulfilled in my career. I don't always get it right, but even when I make the wrong choice I feel I learn something about myself so I can make better choices next time. Which options are you deliberating right now?
Marco Lombardini
I’m transitioning right now. It’s a scary time but nothing will change if you don’t. Planning is key and be honest with yourself about what you accomplish. Don’t know if that helps.