What's your top savings goal?

Jonathan Yagel
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Do people even have savings goals? I mostly use the "money pile" approach of stashing as much as possible into my Savings Account and then trying to be frugal with it. But I know that setting clear goals with your money (as with most things) can be helpful in staying on track. I'm curious what (if anything) other markers are saving for!
Car 🚗
House 🏡
Vacay 🏝
Emergency / Rainy Day Fund ☔️
Those Airpods Pro, tho 🎧
Eh, I don't really have savings goals 🤷‍♂️
Something else


Eric Marthinsen
Avoid a savings account, inflation will just eat it away. My goal would be savings - investments, really - that throw off more cash per month than my monthly expenses. So, it's a combined goal of increasing the amount invested and decreasing expenses.