3 things that are much easier as a startup founder because we use no-code ⚡️

Anita Kirkovska
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1. Easier to test new features and scrape old ones When we organized a customer discovery sesh with around 60 people in February we learned that there are many features that people didn't want. And a couple that they would find useful. It took only a week or two to update. 2. Amazing community People from the no-code community have been incredibly supportive as we built Biyo (our product). It gave us the courage and will to continue to work on the app. I can't stress enough how important it is to build with such an amazing and supportive community. 3. Bring traffic from side-tools One "growth hack" for startup founders is to build side tools that are going to provide extra value for FREE for potential customers. No-code allows us to save a lot of time for these side-tools, and the build process takes about 3-6 hours. --- Now, more than ever, I am really confident that no-code gives you an edge over the competition.


Anita Kirkovska
If you have questions about building your MVP without code, please feel free to ask them in this thread or DM me - I am happy to answer them!
Roberto Morais
Hi Anita, great post! Thanks for that. I'm looking into no-code right now but there are so many options that I'm not sure where to start. I'm used to Zapier, Notion and similar tools but I would like to go deeper and learn tools to make mobile apps or add-ons for famous apps (slack, notion, etc). Because of that I'm looking for a good community to learn more about it, if you can recommend any one to me I would appreciate.