3 ideas on using GPT-4 for your own product 🚀

GPT-4 has the ability to process image inputs. The image uploading feature isn't available to the public yet, but can you think of the possibilities here? It's going to be a game-changer. What are some example use cases you can think of? Here's a couple potential ideas: 1. Upload a screenshot of a social media post, and ask GPT-4 to write engaging captions. 2. Upload screenshots of a LinkedIn profile, and ask GPT-4 to send customized cold messages to that persona. 3. Upload a screenshot of your website, and ask GPT-4 to suggest copywriting tweaks and improvements. This got me thinking a lot about the endless potential, and so I've put together a free book with 300+ ideas and would appreciate your support: https://www.producthunt.com/post...


Tife Agunbiade
amazing tips thank you! will try this out
Samar Ali
Thanks for sharing the tips! Congratulations for the launch!
Kamalika Majumder
Amazing. Will definitely give it a try sometime. Thanks Bren
Richard Gao
Honestly, a lot of these can be fine to do with ChatGPT rather than GPT-4. Especially when GPT-4 is much more expensive. Though the screenshot stuff is definitely new.
Anton von Hunerbein
I assume the 300 ideas were generated with GPT-4. Which kinda just makes it even crazier! This thing is suggesting how to use it!
Sandra Djajic
Amazing tips, I have supported it :) congratulations!
Sounds interesting, all that things around GPT is some kind of magic 😁 thanks for gathering and sharing your ideas! What I like about Chat GPT is that it can give a direction for better working when working in the website content.