How do you evaluate a startup?

Angelina Dmitruk
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Hello makers! Glad to be a part of a community of like-minders! My name is Angelina, I am Head of Marketing and Development in a Belarus-based startup Rocket DAO. Recently we created a fun test (well, with fun answers and dialogs, but serious context and results) which helps to determine the valuation of a startup and its round. Actually it is based on the author evaluation methodologies prepared by a decentralized expert community of Rocket DAO. I can share them with those who want to get a better understanding of the key elements that affect startup’s valuation and which investors actually pay attention to. So we could discuss our visions. Here is the link to the test: And yes, I will be very grateful for your feedback about the test. Later on, if interested, I can share statistics we’ll get from it in case it becomes viral and we have enough participants. Thank you!
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