Idgon Beta

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I've created a system to help compartmentalize your online accounts. It works like temporary email but it is designed to be permanent. The idea is that you create unique emails for all your online accounts and then you can turn them off if you decide to cancel an account. The big difference from burner emails is that you can reply to emails directly from gmail or outlook and the system will strip out your email address automatically and replace it so the other side never sees your private email. This really comes in handy when dealing with customer support. It can also flag emails based on the domain you setup to associate with it. For example I noticed that the email I used for zennioptical received an email from! Here is a demo video of it in action: and the beta signup can be found at, please let me know what you think. For makers the system could be used so that your support emails route internally but the customer would not have the support staff's direct internal email address. If this is interesting please let me know.
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