Feedback on new tool to help designers visually search design.

John Milinovich
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Hi PH Makers! My name's John and I've been a brand-o-holic for 2 decades. I've spent my career building software that helps creators, and am getting ready to launch my team's next product. It's called Aesthetic: We've felt the pain of not being able to visually search across our design work as individual creators, design teams and product teams. We're building Aesthetic to solve this problem, and we're starting with visual search for logos. I'd love to get the feedback of my fellow brandheads to see how this product might be useful. You can read a little bit more / sign up for early access on our new Ship page! Happy to answer any questions y'all might have about the problem, our approach or workarounds you have today for searching public and private design files using tools like Pinterest, Figma, Dropbox, Google and others today. Thanks!


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There's a dedicated thread for sharing products! Use it to get more visibility
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@abadesi thanks!