Google closed its Google Tasks web client, so I created a new one, which looks like Trello...

Nathan Gilson
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I love Google and I love their ecosystem, but it has huge side effects: I'm literally stuck in it. After Google closed its Google Tasks web application to integrate it with Gmail, I found that I couldn't transfer all my tasks to another ToDo application. So I created my own web client that displays lists and tasks like Trello does, and it wasn't as simple as expected. Unlike Microsoft and Apple, Google publishes well-documented APIs for almost all its products, which is why I generally like them. I could not have created such a web client for the main competing task managers. However, working with their API was a terrible experience. They provide an API that is not the one they use for their own applications, and I spent weeks coding a wrapper that allows users to create/edit new tasks and drag them into lists without risk of losing or duplicating them during the process, even during Internet falls. Now, I'm waiting for google to check the application, but you can test it if you want, you'll just get a warning message telling you that TasksBoard is not certified yet!
Google Tasks with Trello display
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