Do you prefer Wordpress or another CMS for blogging and news portal website?

Marinos Agap
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I personally find wordpress to be the best for blogging sites
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wordpress, easy to find devs to work on it
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I used to only use Wordpress, but I've switched to Webflow for the flexibility. The publishing/content is still a bit clunky there but it is in Wordpress too imo.
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My experience says you can build anything and everything from Wordpress.
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i prefer ghost platform. seems more stable to me, AMP ready and dont need more fancy 3rd party hacky stuff like wordpress. Ghost written with nodejs so makes it easy to find developer as well.
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Wordpress 🤘
love wordpress. is great though
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Yes, WordPress is nice, but there are some good alternatives. I've worked with Pimcore in the past and must say it can be a very useful tool when you know how to use it. If you are interested in learning Pimcore I recommend reading this article. I hope this helps :)
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