Is there any Conditional Statement (If > Then) Tool for humans?

Fernando Monteiro
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I came across creating several gsuit docs to give people who work with me certain cases (if) and what actions to take (then) to solve them. Then I realized that it would be great if there was an application that we could use to create multiple conditional actions that could be constantly updated by team members, with a great integrated search - for example, if an employee wants to know what to do if the situation "XYZ" occurs, he would type in this app: "XYZ" and he would have the answer - and have a tight integration with Slack. Basically, this app would work like a "faster knowledge base". Does this tool, or anything close to it, already exist? I was unsuccessful in my searches. If it doesn't exist yet I believe it is a great opportunity for a developer.


It may not be exactly what you need but you could build something like this with almost no code with IFTTT or Zappier (given that your company allows integrations for Google Docs). You can send me an email with more details and potential use cases to
Stephan Kreutzer
I've heard of one, but aren't sure if it is IFTTT (If This Then That). The emergency handbook in a plane cockpit comes to mind, also text adventures (Twine), programming in Scratch, flow charts. Add some wiki functionality and a search, right? So if it doesn't exist, it should be created. If I'm not mistaken, call centers have for a long time now their traditional knowledge bases for lookup, but the idea here would be to jump right into a scenario in the graph of options, and continue navigating/deciding from there. There are some problems of course with context, but still.