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gio kakhiani
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hey there! I work on a product that I want to post on PH. In the guidelines I read my product has to be hunted first... What does this mean? Is there a space where I can find people looking for something similar to what I'm building? Also how does Upcoming work? I'd love to get to know the people who might be interested in using my product.


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I am a newbie too :). You can totally hunt your own product or approach one of the established hunters on PH (lots of articles on that you can Google online). A lot of products launched on PH these days are hunted by their own makers.
@sisi_l thanks for responding :) HUNT - that's what I don't get in the first place. What does it mean? Does it mean to LIKE my product or to post a QUESTION if anyone is building similar tool? What does hunt mean? :) I just created an Upcoming Page - Can I have someone hunt it? :)
Jack of all trades (and master of none)
Haha, HUNT is a confusing term to me too! A hunter for your product is someone who introduces/launches your product for you on PH. You can be the hunter for you own product or ask someone else.
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