Just launched Equiilibra Weighted Blanket for Travel

ken amion
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Here is the link: https://www.producthunt.com/post... The Equiilibra Portable Weighted Blanket is the first weighted blanket specifically geared toward travel. We created two versions of our blanket one made of Super Soft Minky fabric, and the other of Flannel. The dimension of these blankets are 50”x60.”They are also available in either at either 7 or 10 pounds. These blankets also fix the issues of previous generation blankets meaning no large beads, pooling or clumping beads, uneven weight, or pellet/sand leaks, and more. This blanket is perfect for taking on flights, the car, sporting, events, and the office! Now you can take the comfort you receive with your weighted blanket with you on the go.


Abbey	gatto
I want to know detailed information about size and weight !