Here we go, first launch on PH!

Ammar Rayess
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Hi guys, I've been checking product hunt for some time now, always fascinated by what people are doing there are some amazing ideas and projects going on and i appreciate the value the website provides by allowing people to share those projects and allowing us to learn from them! thank you! Personally, i finally committed to implementing a small idea that i had in mind for a while, finished it and went live with you about a month ago, since then i wanted to share on product hunt as well, i was excited about it and i wanted to hear feedback from the makers and site visitors here! but i didn't feel ready yet i felt like i need to make it worthy of first post, so i kept fixing things, adding features as i could, still much to do ofcourse but i decided that i can't wait any longer because i really would love to get some feedback on the site's concept, UI and UX and hear your valued advises and opinions. When do you guys usually decide it's time to launch your product on PH? when is an MVP, an MVP enough? If you would also be so kind as to have a sneak peak on my first project, it would be great! here's the link: Thank you everyone!


Alida Ouandji
Hey @Ammar, Congrats on your launch and I like the concept. I'm also new to PH, launching a product soon. Comments on your post would definitely help me as well. All the best on your project
Congrats on launching! I launched my book here as soon as it was available for sale. With Makers, we launched when were in beta. I always tell Makers, once you have something the public can play with -- launch it!
Ammar Rayess
@abadesi Thanks for your comment Abadesi, but don't you fear that if you're not fully done with so many features and a great design and all, that visitors will come once and never return? i always have that in mind, like, what if i go public, people come and see so many missing things and just leave, and then the project fails due to that..
Ravi Gupta
Hi Ammar, Congrats on your launch. We have also developed a work management tool. I want you to ask your feedback on that. Please guide us with your experience. Regards