Hello and frontend framework.

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Hi everybody! 👋 First of all, thanks for keeping the Community. I've been a silent reader for quite some time but as I'm finally at the beginning of my journey to live from my own creations, it was about time to create and use an account here. My background is backend software engineering. I've been mainly working for banks and I focus on crypto. I use that as an excuse to explain that I suck at frontend, really suck. I have no taste for design and I take 6h to put a form in place. With my team, we had mainly a mixed stack of Rails for server-side pages(mainly at the banking area) vs React+Redux and React Native for hybrid, SPA and a Community we built ourselves. All of that are great tools, and I guess I'll still use some of it for production readiness, but I would like to ask of your Frontend framework preferences for the early stages. As an example, one of my thoughts was about WordPress/Drupal and build a plugin to connect with my APIs. What do you use for delivering as early as possible workable prototypes? Still the same and I just have to suck it up and become more agile on them? or would you point to whatever else? Thanks!


Hello and welcome! At Product Hunt we use Rails and JS. I'm sure @rahulmfg can tell you more :)
For building prototypes I will start with what I'm good at, that will help me to build things faster. If the project frontend will grow in the future then it might be easy to start with React & scale w/ it. Else you can use CSS framework like https://getbootstrap.com/ and ship faster :)
Thanks for the intro and the insights @abadesi and @rahulmfg :) During this time I could do some extra-research and in case someone arrives here with the same kind of doubts, I could find https://builder.io/ and most probably there will be some more or the same trend. They are drag and drop builders, like the old Dreamweaver on steroids, where you can inject your own APIs. For anything more serious than validation I totally agree that putting the extra effort for a decent platform since the first moment pays off. Thanks to both!