Deploy your ML models in 10 mins!

Terri Dinh
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We have an idea of building a CI/CD system for machine learning models. So to speak, the tool will help: - Automate integration of ML models in your pipeline - Automate Model testing (in both end-to-end and customized/fragmented flow). - Automate model deployment to any clouds, with function to manage versions. - Visualize deployment monitor/tracking. What does it mean to you? - Faster to deploy your ML models - More efficient to manage and monitor your deployment process We'd like to know if these functions really help ease your pain points about ML model deployment, or if it has missed anything critical. Of course, we'd love to hear your feedback on the UI/UX as well. PS: We've just built a CLI for this product, so if any of you want to give it a try and have a deeper discussion with us, please leave your email in the comment section.
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