Have you worked with Youtubers or Podcasters for promotion?

Avery Schrader
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I'd love to hear how your workflow has gone, pain points, highlights. Considering working on products in this space and hoping to learn from you! :) I might also be able to offer some advice, I have worked a lot with influencers in general.


I have worked with podcasters for promotion. It’s quite straight forward as the industry has a practice of swapping ads with shows that have a similar target audience and size of downloads. What problem have you identified that you are interested in solving?
Avery Schrader
@abadesi currently we hold the best audience data in the world for most instagram accounts at Modash.io We want to enable brands to more easily find podcasts based on the target audience. Especially long-tail shows with a few hundred daily listeners, I feel they the process for identifying them is pretty much manual labour and guesswork + trial and error. Would love to hear more about your experience, would you be up for calling in sometime to chat?
morgo port
I have my own YouTube channel and I asked other YouTubers to promote me. and this article helped me a lot in promoting my channel: https://www.analyticsinsight.net... there are a lot of useful tips