Just launched a free UX/UI tool. Is UX dead?

Sascha Lichtenstein
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Quant UX means fast UI prototyping. Use our visual editor to create an interactive prototype in minutes. Quite simply, without writing a line of code. You design prototypes by adding and connecting screens, UI elements or images. You have an extensive selection of finished elements, transitions and animations to make your design realistic. All prototypes are fully functional. They behave like a real application. You can enter data, interact with UI elements and navigate between screens. When your prototype is ready, just send a link to your test users. These can then easily test the prototype on all their devices regardless of location. Once a test user uses your prototype, their interactions are recorded and analyzed. Quant UX wins all information and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and prepares them graphically. This creates clear charts or heat maps. The "screen recordings" of the test users can be viewed without further plugins. No fancy design at the moment, but a strong tool that costs you nothing! 🥳 We love to hear your feedback.
UX what?
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