Planning to start a clothing brand like Supreme. Going to start with T-Shirts.

Yash Uppal
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Doyle Eastlund
I would not suggest using the Supreme as an example. This brand has lost its popularity, and fewer and fewer people tend to wear its clothing. As an alternative, you can try doing something more original. I know this sounds a bit general and odd, but I think it's something that may help you. I mean, you could try to come up with a unique design or employ materials that aren't often used. A prayer dress, for example, might become quite famous due to its originality. In any case, that's what I would do.
a player
I am also running a brand with the name of Aesthetic Clothing, You can see here
Елена Косоногова
I like the concept of brands, I specifically study their way of climbing, for example inspires me