What is something that almost nobody knows about strength training?

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“Why would I do more work to look better when I could just do cardio, eat less, and then get skinnier?” Since my friend knows I’m into this sort of thing, mid-conversation with someone else, they asked me. As we were chatting about it, they seemed like they already had their mind made up though (eye roll) To be fair though, who can argue? The logic makes total sense. Use more energy, take in less energy and lose weight. And let’s face it, everyone wants the result of looking better without having to do much. Shit, I mean everyone wants more by doing less. Who doesn’t? Eat less > look better Work less > get paid more Try less > be more successful Sounds fucking amazing. I responded by telling them, “Well, you could do less and eat less to lose weight and be skinny, sure, OR you could do a little more work and have to do even less work down the line”. To which I got a weird-ass look. I’m sure a lot of people wish there was some magic pill that would require zero effort to get them to where they want to be. Whether that’s losing weight, getting leaner, getting richer, or getting more of (whatever you want, insert here). Spoiler Alert: You ALWAYS have to put the work in. And although there isn’t a magic pill, you can definitely engineer outcomes where you do less to get more. You just have to do some work to get there … and if you keep reading you’ll get the scoop on why to strength train, what it is and the benefits, how to get started and most importantly the something no one knows about strength training. Here’s Why Strength Training is Your Best Friend Dave Bonollo says it best - "inefficiency burns calories”. And it’s true. Your body changes and adapts based on responses to certain stimuli. And if you’ve never been exposed to something before, you see a dramatic change at first, but as you become better (or more efficient at it), the changes taper off. Never swam before? Your body will respond. Never ran before? Your body will respond. Never cycled before? your body will respond. It’s all about that cardio. And eating less. Think about it … when you say you want to lose weight, what do you think? I mean shit, what does everyone else tell you when you want to lose weight? “Do more cardio to get cut bro” “Lift lighter weights to get toned babe” And you’ll get results alright. But the better you become at swimming, running, cycling, or whatever … the longer or more often you’ll have to do it to continue burning those calories. The beauty of strength training is that you can get better a certain movement and then add more weight. Keeping your body always responding to stimuli. Enter Strength Training And I know what you’re thinking. Everyone who lifts weights blows up like The Rock. And a lot of people don’t want that sort of look. Girls don’t want to be too muscley, they want to be “toned”. Guys don’t want to be too bulky, they want to be “lean”. But it’s a misplaced understanding, You know how hard you have to work to look like The Rock? Do you know how hard it is to even build muscle? Really, really, really fucking hard. But that effort pays off. For starters, more muscle helps you to: Burn fat, which also gets you leaner, not skinnier Boosts your metabolism, which means you can eat more Strengthens your immune system, which means you get sick less Increases bone and joint health which lowers your risk of injury And there’s a lot more. But, what if I told you that you could do less and still get better results? You’d probably laugh harder than Joe Biden in every single meme he’s in with Obama. Society seems to think that you need to be doing a lot eating less and running more in order to get the body that you want. It seems to be this never-ending cycle of work, work, work, work. And whoever is reading this definitely doesn’t have a job or other obligations, right? You can totally spend like six hours in the gym every day, just like The Rock. Obviously, sarcasm. If you didn’t catch that. I’ve got a gig and don’t have that time. I actually enjoy going to the gym and six hours a day sounds like it would suck. The beauty of strength training is that it builds muscle and makes you look leaner. And it doesn’t need to take longer to work out, you just need to increase the weight on the same movements and sets you’ve already been doing to get stronger. Another analogy to ask yourself: Where would you put your money? Into a checking account or an investment account? The checking account you have to keep working to replenish and maintain. While the investment account just grows and compounds with almost no effort. Cardio is the checking account, strength training is the investment account. That’s kind of what happens when you do strength training. You build more muscle and you can start setting up systems where you can just maintain or build more when you want to. This is relative but the concept is applicable to everyone. You just have to put in the work first, which naturally begs the question of: How do I start? How to Start Strength Traning Strength Traning is simple. But not easy. Don’t confuse the two. I won’t get into it too much here but you want to start with simple compound movements. Think squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and presses. Dave Bonollo has some great resources to check out with regards to strength training. I’d also recommend checking out the following resources: Starting Srength by Mark Rippetoe Get Stronger by Al and Danny Kavadlo Power to the People by Pavel Tsatsouline Again, it’s very simple programming however the work will be hard. But as I said before, the effort will pay off. Thanks for reading! -Andrew K
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