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Hi makers. Practically if you connect your website to this service your users don't need to have a strong password for their accounts. They receive a temporary password on own phone/email when they need to authenticate. The service is ready and i've created also wordpress plugin to allow wordpress websites use my service. Everything is working perfect but i am struggling with terms and conditions. When i've sent plugin to be published i received this message : /// You call this: $spcms['api_url'] = ''; While this is actually okay, you neglected to fully document this in your readme. We require plugins that reach out to other services to disclose this, in clear and plain language, so users are aware of where data is being sent. This allows them to ensure that any legal issues with data transmissions are covered (like people in the EU). This is true even if YOU are the 3rd party service. In order to do so, you must update your readme to do the following: * clearly explain that your plugin is relying on a 3rd party as a service and under what circumstances * provide a link to the service * provide a link to the services’ a terms of use and/or privacy policies Remember, this is for your own legal protection. Use of services must be upfront and well documented. //// Any help ? Thanks
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