What are you doing for mental health and inner peace?

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Startups are hard & can be stressful; it's an emotional roller coaster. I am looking forward to hearing back what are you doing to keep your mental health & inner peace. Share your experience.


Om Suthar
I just launched SQRL - I use the daily gratitude journal feature in there to keep me straight!
Alex Devero
@designom84 Keeping a gratitude journal is very good habit. It keeps one grounded, humble and grateful for all the things one has that other people may not.
I read Bhagavad Gita, whenever I feel low.
Alex Devero
@naveen_y Do you have some favorite chapter you like to re-read?
@alexdevero I like chapter 3, 5, 6, 13 & 16. Have you read the book?!
Sean Hama
walking with no headphones for distractions, can't beat it.
Alex Devero
~60 minutes of exercise followed by 30 minutes of meditation, every day.
Important topic! Clean eating, journaling, and meditation.
I love meditation! I start my mornings with it and end my days with it sometimes, too. Exercise is essential, too. I make sure Monday to Friday I'm doing something active each day to break up the screen time and invest in my health!
Sonya Eldarova
Meditation, reading and workout also try to surround yourself with interesting people or people who can motivate and inspire you!
Kavir Kaycee
1. Regular Exercise 2. 8 hours minimum of sleep 3. Meditation 4. CBT It's almost like a full time job 😅
Sartorial Lu
Meditation, Exercise / Workout, Massages, Sleep, and Saunas
Ermin Kadic
Jeremy Renner app
anthony ware
All three for me, and journaling, walks in nature, and a few more.
Reza Madjidi
Going hiking and taking in fresh mountain air 🏔