Could you suggest a great free SEO app?

Artem Galenko
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Shannon Maloney
Hey @unrealartemg! 👋Here are a few I use regularly: Ahrefs- Link monitoring, keyword rankings, DA, etc. (Not free, but offers a free trial and absolutely worth paying for) Moz Toolbar- Good for quickly checking metadata on pages, free with a Moz login. Screaming Frog- Free website crawler (up to 500 URLs) Google Ads Keyword Planner- Good to get a relative idea of search volumes for keywords, keyword variations, and competition.
Mike Fedorov
In Plutus Wallet we use ubersuggest for Keywords searching. It's free and easy-to-use.
Artem Galenko
@shannon_maloney @zavhoz @juxhin_ipervox thanks for your advices, really appreciate