Have a project idea to support Open Startups: What would be most helpful?

Ki Xia
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I love the Open Startup model! I just noticed that many of the sites have info that is out of date, which waters down the whole idea, for me. So my thought was, either make it easier on the makers by sending a reminder, or perhaps offer a separate space to post the data, that is tied directly to each site's /openstartup page. Would love to hear your thoughts!
Receive a monthly email reminder to update stats
Receive a monthly/quarterly questionnaire, and update the stats for them on a separate page?
Send a little update (not sure what data is public) to give them a head start on a progress report


Also I want to give credit to @dinkydani21 for her article explaining the whole thing! https://hackernoon.com/what-does...
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Would this also be a question for a social directory of "Open Source" projects? I personally don't really have a use case for the data of transparent startup businesses...