What's better blogging on a personal website or blog hosting site?

Anna Grigoryan
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Hi Makers, For the longest time I've been torn between options of creating my own personal website or create account on blog hostings like medium, devto etc. My content is mainly entrepreneurship, tech content for developers and startups. What do you think is better?


Dan Edwards
I would suggest publish on your own website and then push to Medium shortly after (perhaps a few days) with a link back to 'Originally written on [Link to your site]' By publishing on your own site first, you get link authority and will own the content fully if anything happens to Medium etc... and you'll continue to grow your personal brand on your own site.
I went with personal website for two reasons: 1. you own the content since it's not depending on some weird behaviour or shady growth hacks of other platforms. 2. you can keep readers in your "world" and show them other types of content like downloads, courses or something like that. Like @de already mentioned, you can publish it somewhere else and link to your site as the original source.
Wei Chun
Start your own website (You can have it done for less than $50 bucks, domains + wordpress). And start your own publication on Medium using your website's name. Use Medium 'import' function to import articles from your website to Medium. Medium doesn't help with SEO but it does a pretty good job getting visibility and driving traffic to your website.
James Lester
I have my personal website (cryptospix .com)