What is the role for one person projects?

David M
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I mean, how do you refer yourself in a personal card o linkedin when you’re the SINGLE maker of a project and you do it all? I would consider the CEO or Director terms since you’re the manager of the project. But to me doesn't make sense to say you are a CEO of a brand new project with no hierarchy. Also could sound a bit arrogant, in my opinion. In the opposite side I would think of terms like “maker” or “owner” but it sounds weird and even don’t look like it’s a real or trustworthy project. Or even also thought about set one of the roles depending on the task (i.e. “web developer”) but that is a short description since this role will care about more areas to build the project. What terms are good to you to be the role for one-person project/company ?


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I just use the word founder. I don't think people should use CEO or similar terms until it's required to have clearly defined roles.
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@mitchgillogly Good answer. I forgot to mention the “Founder” 👍🏻 I think it fits well with the role