Launch strategy tips for an HR SAAS product

Sumit Nautiyal
2 replies
What advice can you share on launching in this space?


Akhilesh Ravishankar
Not sure if the SaaS product you are building is for businesses (for employers or recruitment agencies) or consumers (for job seekers). Either ways, here are some thumb-rules from the top of my mind which should help – 1. Understand the user (and not just they buyer): Get a good understanding of the user's workflow, what their motivations are, their ability gaps are and what triggers them towards the intended behaviour – and use this for positioning of the product apart from why the buyer would want to spend on your product 2. Have the first 20 customers love your product: Like in any product, your initial early adopters are your best possible evangelists/champions, ensure they are in love with your product 3. Throttle sales basis customer success: Figure out what kind of early customers are deriving maximum value out of your product and try to focus on that sub-segment till you are able to solve for other types of customers; You may have to let go of unsuccessful customers and pay them back since the product might not be the best fit for them at this stage 4. Measure usage like a hawk: Both product and customer success team should be monitoring usage metrics daily/weekly to be able to improve the product and predict/reduce churn respectively Hope this was helpful @sumitnautiyal – All the best! :)