Apps that make travel planning easier?

Tiong Woon
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Often times, I find myself spending lots of hours planning for my trip. Googling through attractions to avoid missing out on places and coordinating transport between takes much longer than desired. Do you know any apps making this easier at the moment?


Yes! On my last few trips I have used CultureTrip they have really great recommendations and you can save things in the app which is good. I really recommend it.
Deep Velani
Google has an integrated solution, I believe you can create a custom itinerary too using it -
Ryan Hoover
Take a look at Journy. They'll help you plan all the fun things to do and see.
I've been traveling a lot lately, and it's the different programs that help me. And now I also want to try ordering a card to save money when traveling. Which best hotel credit card would you choose for yourself?
Alex Olson
Apart from the typical apps for hotel hunting and best flight options research, I use apps to plan my itinerary, to move around the city and to find places to eat. I use Booking for hotels and Skyscanner or for flights. To plan the itinerary I forward all my reservation emails to my AwardWallet account that connects the part of a trip into a detailed plan where I have all the info in one place. To move around the city I use Google Maps, which are also quite helpful with public transport. But if you are staying in one place for a longer time, it might be a good idea to download some local transit app which will probably be more accurate. And sometimes I look up restaurants on Tripadvisor to make sure they have good reviews.
Amanda Trincher
Now every travel application can be very successful and useful because they use travel API that make the stages and speed of booking so convenient and simple.