An app to search Twitter DMs

Gautam Jain
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Do you use any tool/service for twitter DMs ? I am building one right now. Consists of search, bookmarks and tags. Would love to know your views/feature requests !
I need it, I'll pay for it.
I need it, but wont pay.
I dont need it.


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@gautam__jain interesting idea, not something I’d thought of but an interesting concept!
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@gautam__jain I don't see a need for it myself but I can see this being useful for brands/companies that want to search support inquiries or their high-volume of DMs.
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@gautam__jain I just use Intercom, but most biz use some sort of aggregation for DMs, chats etc. Not sure if standalone search twitter DMs would be much use for businesses, maybe for artists or someone who gets tons of DMs?
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I've always wondered why Twitter doesn't support search in DMs. Could be very useful!