Where are you turning to for COVID 19 vetted information?

Sarah Evans
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Hi all. I know many of us are searching for information as everything impacts those of us with SMBs, startups, etc... I wanted to hear your favorite sources of information. I'll share mine in the comments.


Sarah Evans
My #1 go to: Turbine Labs daily COVID19 briefing: https://www.turbinelabs.com/coro... Followed up by @morningbrew_ and Twitter lists I've hand curated.
Peter J. Davison
Hi @prsarahevans - we've been working on https://smartable.ai/apps/corona... This Global Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats is refreshed every hour using credible data sources, including the country/state’s official government website, data available on wikipedia pages, latest news reports, Johns Hopkins University CSSE 2019-nCoV Dashboard, WHO Situation Reports, CDC Situation Updates, and DXY.cn.
Al Chen
I've been updating this dashboard: https://coda.io/@atc/coronavirus... I'm closely tracking stats by counties in NYC (since I'm based there): https://coda.io/@atc/coronavirus...
Franco Vargas Golac
Guys, we are building a Wikipedia with Curated videos, articles and films about each topic, including the topic "COVID 19", you can go to https://discovereel.com/tags/Cor...
Egbert Oostburg
Sarah, here are three sources that have been completely on point and shed a spotlight at the beginning of the 🌎pandemic 🦠🤔😷✅ @chrismartenson started covering the scope of the pandemic back on 1/24/20 https://youtu.be/Nk5P_iRYwTY Dr Siebold @MedCramVideos on 1/26/20 https://youtu.be/9vMXSkKLg2I and Steve Bannon @CitizensAR on 2/1/20 https://youtu.be/MiZpPkGULFE The data, observations, and recommendations presented were spot on 🎯 looking back from today’s vantage point of 3/29/20.