Want to know about the future of AI??

Freya Riki
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Artificial intelligence programming especially deep learning and machine learning was present everywhere in 2018, so you don’t think that this hype will die down over the next coming months or years. Of course, this hype will dry down in two to three years, where artificial intelligence will just become another consistent thread in the tapestry of most people’s lives. It will be somewhat like the latest trend or technology that a web and mobile application development company introduces similar to the internet and electricity which was in the days of yore. However, in the coming years, you can expect something breakthrough and astonishing. It will surely continue the excitement and hype that is often involved with artificial intelligence programming. Frankly, the expectation for a change in business and society is high. Especially when artificial intelligence development brings about and it goes beyond something that is dreamed up during the previous technological revolutions. AI will take us to a future where machines will do all kinds of physical work. Even though they have been doing such work since the industrial revolution, still this time it is more. They will be even spreading their control on “thinking” work like strategizing, planning and decision-making. Read more at: https://www.2basetechnologies.co...


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@freya_riki hmm, do you really think that future of AI is THAT limited without all other possible applications?
Dan Edwards
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@freya_riki Sorry, no copy and paste articles and self promo here, please. Thank you 🙏