What are your performance enhancers of choice?

Dre Durr💡
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I have been experimenting with different combinations of coffee, tea, and Nootropics (Alpha Brain) for a desired work output. A friend suggested I go straight for adderall or modafinil. Nothing against those drugs, but it’s not my preferred stimulant of choice. What are your thoughts on performance enhancers in tech? 🤔


@dredurr I quit coffee years ago in a bid to save more money and have more balanced energy levels. I haven't looked back since. However in the last couple of years I've gotten really into matcha. It is so good - I have it in lattes, mix it in my porridge. It's a great energy booster and it delivers a very clean, consistent burst. Just don't have too much on an empty stomach. Other things that I find enhance performance include freezing cold showers, performing sun salutations or other stretches and generally sleeping enough, eating well and doing regular exercise. I'm not a huge believer in faddy things that improve performance. I prefer changing habits to investing in quick fixes or boosts.