How do you manage your credit?

Tiong Woon
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Hello Makers, we are gathering insights into the experience of managing credit (applying for credit/obtaining credit scores etc), especially for digital nomads. If you are interested, drop a comment below and I will reach out for a quick discussion. Thanks!


Dre Durr💡
@o_t_w I follow CreditKarma and all of the recommendations.
Tiong Woon
@dredurr Cool! And how did you find your experience managing on that app?
Claire Lavelle
@o_t_w Hi, managing credit/ credit scores/ credit card debt is something that has been a growing concern for me as well! One tip is not to use credit to buy items that you could not afford outright and to save up over time for the more significant purchases. Save credit cards for the emergency items or items you know you can pay off in time. Due to interest rates, you can end up spending more on a product if you don't pay on time. I am working on a product that helps with this if you want to check it out!
Tiong Woon
@claire_lavelle Thanks for the tips, And that sounds interesting! Where can I check it out?
Claire Lavelle
@o_t_w We are still in private beta but launching soon! Feel free to apply for early access so you can be the first to try it out and give us feedback. :)
Just recently I had to take out a loan and when I went to the bank, they said that without a good credit history they would not give me any money on credit. I consulted with my friends and they recommended me a good company. If you do a quick search on Credit 9, you will find that the reviews are not all pretty good. In fact, after working with them for a few months and using their services I can say that they are one of the best companies in the lending industry!
Mark Lense
The most convenient way to keep track of your finances is to have an application and always have access to it, because if you spend time every time checking your account or debt, it will not be very convenient. When I was choosing a suitable financial application for myself, I paid attention to and I liked what their clients wrote about them. A large selection of different cards and a convenient application showed me the efficiency and quality of this service.
Helenka Helenka
If you're interested in managing credit as a digital nomad, here are a few recommendations regarding commercial business loans: Establish a strong credit history: Make timely payments on your existing debts and build a positive credit history to increase your chances of obtaining commercial business loans in the future. Maintain accurate financial records: Keep detailed records of your income, expenses, and financial transactions to demonstrate the stability and profitability of your business when applying for loans. Research and compare loan options: Explore different lenders and loan products to find the best terms and interest rates that suit your business needs. Be sure to consider factors such as repayment terms, interest rates, and any additional fees or requirements. Remember, it's always beneficial to consult with a financial advisor or loan specialist who can provide personalized guidance based on your specific circumstances and goals.