How do you manage your credit?

Tiong Woon
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Hello Makers, we are gathering insights into the experience of managing credit (applying for credit/obtaining credit scores etc), especially for digital nomads. If you are interested, drop a comment below and I will reach out for a quick discussion. Thanks!


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@o_t_w I follow CreditKarma and all of the recommendations.
@dredurr Cool! And how did you find your experience managing on that app?
@o_t_w Hi, managing credit/ credit scores/ credit card debt is something that has been a growing concern for me as well! One tip is not to use credit to buy items that you could not afford outright and to save up over time for the more significant purchases. Save credit cards for the emergency items or items you know you can pay off in time. Due to interest rates, you can end up spending more on a product if you don't pay on time. I am working on a product that helps with this if you want to check it out!
@claire_lavelle Thanks for the tips, And that sounds interesting! Where can I check it out?
@o_t_w We are still in private beta but launching soon! Feel free to apply for early access so you can be the first to try it out and give us feedback. :)