Where to find decent remote admin/personal assistants ?

Giuliano Dore
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Context: we have a male beauty startup connecting barbers with customers. With my business partner we reached the point where the amount of paperwork starts to become serious. Our team is mostly remote with some tasks that require us to be on site. We would be looking for some support for the following tasks: * Cross-check contractors invoices * Process contractors invoices * Contractors online recruitment * Calendar management * Customer/Barber support (email, chat, etc.) * Accounting Do you have preferences for PA / admin work ? We are looking for a remote cost-efficient solution. Thanks, Giuliano


Wyatt McBain
@giuliano_dore I've had a lot of success with UpWork in the past. You may need to trial a few people to find the right fit but turnaround is fast.
Jeremy Bauer
@giuliano_dore To me, it looks like you’re really needing 2-3 roles for the tasks listed. - Accountant/Biz Ops: Someone to check and process invoices, and handle other accounting needs for the business. - Head of Community: Someone to handle your customer and contractor support issues/questions. Depending on your company’s needs and growth, this role could also include events, social media, or other initiatives geared toward creating community around your product. - Administrative Assistant: Someone to handle calendars, company wide meetings, founder/exec meetings, and other planning/admin tasks. Depending on your needs, having the first two positions I listed may free you up to take care of this work on your own, at least for a bit. I know this isn’t exactly what you asked, but I thought it could be helpful for considering the high-level view of your staffing needs. Some of the tasks you listed are fairly disparate and I’m not sure it will be easy to find someone to take all of them on successfully, at least not sustainably. Good luck with your hiring! I know finding the right people, fit, etc. can be tough.