What are your best focus playlists?

Thomas Groutars
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Hey Makers! What are you listening to while working? I'll start, here's my playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlis...


Ferenc Forgacs
@thomgroutars I discovered this list a few weeks ago: https://open.spotify.com/playlis... Became one of my favorites :) My only problem is, that after a while, it makes me sleepy :D
@thomgroutars I recently started listening to Nature Sounds on Spotify because music with lyrics distracts me - it is pretty good. Otherwise I will listen to classical or something like Sigur Ros. 😊
Louis Grenard
@thomgroutars when you start with that one, it's pretty hard (at least for me) to stop it before the end 😊
Sara Campbell
@thomgroutars I do a lot of writing, so I usually only listen to instrumentals. I love electronic stuff like Com Truise, Boards of Canada and Peaking Lights. Here's a playlist I created with a bunch of favorites: https://open.spotify.com/playlis... Tycho is also great! https://open.spotify.com/playlis...
Thomas Groutars
@dovydas_gutparakis OMG I could have created that playlist! Techno never fails to put me in the zone too, which can be surprising to some people! If you like harder stuff too, I'd suggest this set from I Hate Models. Even I was surprised of the focus I got from it 😅
Kyle Hess
@thomgroutars I'm a big fan of listening to WESTWORLD soundtrack: https://open.spotify.com/playlis.... Familiar songs, but no lyrics so you can focus.
Norm Liang
@thomgroutars I use this kpop one called kpop for study/sleeping. https://open.spotify.com/playlis...
Larry Crawford
@thomgroutars - these playlists will keep you up! Classic hip hop instrumentals reimagined over contemporary beats. - Gold Instrumental Beats: https://open.spotify.com/user/sp... - Focus Flow: https://open.spotify.com/user/sp...
Sam Abdullaev
@thomgroutars Hey Thomas! I collect my own focus playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlis... It's somewhere around Ambient style without lyrics.
Roman Sevast
@thomgroutars silence. Scientists proved, that any music distract you attention and people less productive listen music. So, I stoped listen a music during work. Sometimes I use Calm Mediation App. They have a very soft background music and nature noise playlists.
Thomas Groutars
@roman_sevastyanov You're probably right on the attention/focus side of things! On the other hand, music keeps me motivated for longer periods of time, and also makes me a happier person on the whole. Maybe it doesn't work the same for everyone, would love to see that research you're mentioning!
Christopher Spiller
@thomgroutars Here is my Apple Music playlist curated to feature generally upbeat, NO LYRICS music. Lots of TAUK, instrumental versions of pop songs, and symphonic video game music. Love seeing others' playlists too! https://music.apple.com/us/playl...
Luu Dao
@thomgroutars I prefer epic music for work, especially 2 Steps From Hell :D This is my playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist...
Tyler Lastovich
@thomgroutars I think that depends on the type of work being done and what mood you are in. After three coffees the last thing I want to listen to is some chillout beats! I do prefer non-vocal tracks as I find that breaks my focus more often. My large non-vocal work music collection of albums [130hrs+]. https://open.spotify.com/playlis... Other times when coding I want a very loud, high-bpm, focus-flow style. https://open.spotify.com/playlis...
Dre Durr💡
@thomgroutars I go to YouTube and put in “Top video game RPG soundtracks”. I’m not a gamer anymore but the sounds help to keep me focused for a long period of time.
Ola King
@thomgroutars More like a genre, but ChillWave is my favourite. This never ending stream on YouTube is amazing
Also, Odesza's A Moment Apart album is magical for late-night work
Chris Davis
@thomgroutars @ola11king should've scrolled before posting. This is my go-to as well. freeCodeCamp also had a stream for a while but it doesn't seem like it's active at the moment.
Carlo Tapia
@thomgroutars I gathered everyone's suggestions (using my own app :D) here: https://app.vestedyeti.com/f/kNS...
Jonathan Baillie Strong
@thomgroutars FIP radio http://fipradio.fr/player - super eclectic music interrupted by occasional traffic updates in sexy French voices, with "careful attention paid to smooth and unobtrusive transition from one song to the other".. Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) is a regular listener and calls it the best radio station in the world (https://twitter.com/jack/status/...)