How to promote an app / platform that is currently working in specific locations ?

Giuliano Dore
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I am interested to learn about growth hacks especially for platforms like uber, deliveroo, lyft, airbnb where there is a strong dependency in the location. How does one promote an app that can only be used in a specific location ? Full disclaimer: our app is available for users in London, UK at the moment.


@giuliano_dore What does your app do? FB and IG will let you do targeted ads, you could also use tube ads as a way to target people on their commute. Deliveroo did a lot of flyering and radio ads to raise awareness - and even painted adverts on buses!
Giuliano Dore
Hi @abadesi thank you for your comment. Our app connects barbers / male beauty experts with customers for bookings at home/office/hotels. FB and IG are great channels indeed :) For now we will be looking for cost-efficient solutions but I keep those ideas in mind !
Ferenc Forgacs
@giuliano_dore my dream is to use randomly placed stickers to promote my app :D So, I would say, give that a try (and then tell me how it worked :)). Can you share what your app does? That would help to find better solutions.
Giuliano Dore
Hi @feriforgacs, our app (Get Groomed) connects barbers / male beauty experts with customers for bookings at home/office/hotels. The stickers are great ! What does your app do ?
Ferenc Forgacs
@giuliano_dore in this case, to acquire more customers, I would target offices, hotels with some flyers (easier to reach more people at the same location). If that is possible, I would also try to connect with office managers and ask them to send an email to the entire office about your app. You could give them a discount code to make your offer more attractive. If you can use different discount codes for different locations, you can also measure which one worked the best. If you have enough resources, you can also wait or ask someone to wait in front of bigger offices at the end of the day and give your flyers to those who are leaving the building. A bit different approach is to work together with other businesses who are providing services at the locations you are targeting. They can promote your service and your service can promote them. To acquire more barbers, I would go directly to barbershops and to online barber groups (if they exist :)). You can also try some kind of affiliate program to ask users of your app to recommend great barbers. Although, GDPR makes this a bit hard, so be careful with that. Sadly, I don't have an app to test the stickers with, but better late than never :)
Astha Sharma
@giuliano_dore @feriforgacs Hey Ferenc! Have you tried the stickers out yet? I am planning to do something like that too to promote the startup I work at!
Ferenc Forgacs
@astha_sharma sadly, no :( Although, the agency I worked with used stickers to promote one of the movies they created. The main location of the movie was around a special part of a town (Budapest) and they placed a huge amount of stickers there. That worked pretty great. But this was years ago, I'm waiting for a great opportunity to try something similar myself, since then.
Norm Liang
@giuliano_dore it varies by Geo but I've found local influencer channels and groups to have solid conversions as well as affiliate programs with some of your top providers.
Luu Dao
@giuliano_dore the best way is to use local channels where your target users are using. it could be a radio ads / flyers / community. I think you should contact some mini-influencer (for your case: a young upcoming barber?) to see if they can help you viral your app. You have 2 kinds of user here, so you have to consider 2 strategy for them :D
Giuliano Dore
@luudao That's very good ! Some of our barbers have a pretty big influence on IG, we can work with that !