🌟 Bonjour Makers! 🌟 "You can't be what you can't see" - Do you guys agree ?

Jeremy CHONG
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Hi there! I'm Jeremy, French and founder of an initiative called FuturYoo. I have been working on it for the past few years during my free time and I am now ready to share it and get your feedback and comments :o) In this hyperlink - www.futuryoo.com) - you will find: * video intro of FuturYoo * whitepaper - english version is also available ;o) In the event you guys like FuturYoo and the paradigm shift it represents, please show me your support by clicking the GET NOTIFIED button. Have a fab day, Jeremy Meet the Future You | People inspired by People www.futuryoo.com ============================================= Imagine a key that would allow each student and each of us to connect to the world of work, discover jobs in a different way, meet and ask questions to the professionals of our choice in order to find inspiration... "YOU CAN’T BE WHAT YOU CANT SEE‘’ Why FuturYoo? Because many things have changed in a century, such as our phones, our cars. In 2019, we are able to send Men to the moon, we are talking about the colonization of Mars... at the same time on planet Earth, our children continue to make misinformed study and career decisions based on a very limited knowledge of the immense panel of jobs, often influenced by family and geographical ecosystem. How can you aspire to a career you do not exist? Mark Twain said: "The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”. Today, when each of us looks at the world of work through our windows, our views are different, often marked by inequalities that have followed us since birth. From this observation was born FuturYoo, a Collective Intelligence, a window on the world of work, the same for all, erasing certain inequalities and offering the same opportunities to find inspiration! Jeremy CHONG ============================================= * Education and Career Guidance App * Connecting people when it matters the most * Stimulated Collective Intelligence - The BlablaCar of Education & Career Guidance * A reversed MarketPlace: your career projects become the driving force of FuturYoo MarketPlace * A new line on your resume that will make you stand out * A new lever in action that makes it possible to mobilize an unprecedented number of diverse and varied professionals representative of the immense panel of jobs out there (~12,000) * FuturYoo transforms your Life/Work experiences in tokens that you can use to kick-start a career switch project, acquiring new skills, personal development as well as to help your children and loved ones ============================================= Meet the Future You | People inspired by People www.futuryoo.com
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