What is your product punch line?

Teemu Puuska
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Saw this on Facebook and though it would be fun to read punch lines here too. Our punch line is: Give recognition to your colleagues and plant trees inside Slack. 🌳


Austin Marks
I like that it makes me curious and want to plant virtual trees. Our punch line is 'Meta Nutrition: The platform that knows what to eat'. Short and sweet!
Austin Marks
@teemu_puuska Well that's awesome, will it come with a virtual tree buddy inside of slack, because i'd like that very much :)
Teemu Puuska
@austinmeta Haha, I don't think that there will ever be a virtual tree buddy, but you can track your planted trees and your carbon offset. :)
Brendan Weinstein
@teemu_puuska @austinmeta What? No you gave in too fast. We want to plant a tree and keep him/her as a buddy to chat with in slack. Tell me that /dance creating a dancing tree wouldn't make you giggle at work. Please and thank you @teemu_puuska at least dont rule out eventually
Chris Wills
Great question. I'm working on some ideas but it would be something like... Duckwyn: Your Family Travel Guide to World History
Andy Dent
Touchgram - "Smart Messages for Smartphones"
Akash Nidhi
We are building a platform to provide Machine Learning and Deep learning services as API. "FutureAPI : API for the future." http://futureApi.com